Lynxxx: Singer’s transformation will lead him to deeper creativity


Marrying a higher calling with pop music, if it is to be successful, Lynxxx will have to walk the thin line between decorum and commercial lyricism. It is no easy task.

Being in the music industry feels like a repetitive sequence of events, all year long. The events are the same, the singer’s come and go, there’s a scandal there, a hit song by the corner, and some mild beef. It’s like going through the motions, with the same people hanging out with the same people, very few top dogs putting new acts on, and everyone chasing different routes to making money and getting laid.

But 2016 has been a bit different. The battle for supremacy has become a trend, a court has been formed on social media, to listen to dirty laundry, celebrity indiscretions and pass judgement. When that cannot be meted out, there’s a full-scale war, with shots thrown and sides taken. No victor, no vanquished, no spoils.


Don Jazzy has fought Olamide, Tiwa Savage and her husband have had a meltdown, the bond of Psquare have been weakened, and Burna Boy’s virility has been proven. These are the days of the good, bad, and ugly. With the ugly appearing in a greater proportion to the others. Good news have come from Davido, Wizkid and Ayo Jay. Bad news, from every corner.

But just when you thought your threshold for the inexplicable has been met and you want to call it a night well spent, and go home to sanity and reason, in comes Lynxxx and all the host of Heaven, singing ‘Halleluyah’, and brandishing the white garments that come from an encounter with true Christianity.


The singer, rapper, songwriter, sex-symbol, all-round bad guy, and the man who makes ladies cream their insides is now born again. Yes, Lynxxx is now born again, and it is reflected in his music. His most recent release, ‘Serve you’ starts off with “2015 men I found God, I was living on the edge homie…Now seven days a week I dey go church, I no dey play with my God bro.’

This is a new direction for the singer, one of introspection aligned with God. The singer has been on this path all year, with edifying declarations and lessons on social media. He has been on a hiatus, a creative seclusion in faact, working on two new albums for releases. Those albums, according to Lynxxx, will be packed with purpose.


“Sometimes shooting forward beyond imaginable heights requires a pull back… As you all know, I have been through an evolution and attained growth and “thankfully”, wisdom beyond my imagination. The past 3 years, I kinda took a hiatus from the scene to assess a few things, take care of my personal side of life and improve my craft in my chosen career to make sure I give my fans the best of me”, Lynxxx wrote on Instagram.

“God is amazing and I have learned so much in so little time, it’s all about doing things right and new beginnings for me in every aspect of my life! Music for me means more than ever and I wanna make sure whenever I step in the studio to create, I share a part of me. My New projects would be my testimony and even in my party / commercial records, I’m sharing my happiness and hoping it brings joy to whoever is listening because it’s all about Positive Vibes for man like Lynxxx!” He continued.


What this means for Lynxxx is immense. The singer has technically clicked the reset button on his career, choosing to marry artistry with depth and an inspiring clarity of purpose which would be evident in his music. The commercial party tracks will still be made, but with the purpose of sharing happiness for its sake. It is at this point, that the singer’s creativity will be tested. We live in a wanton society, where pop music is a reflection of our excesses, and baser selves.

Marrying a higher calling with pop music, if it is to be successful, Lynxxx will have to walk the thin line between decorum and commercial lyricism. It is no easy task.

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