Pulse Opinion: We need to treat celebrity veterans better

Martins Njubuigbo

After devoting their time and energy into entertaining millions of Nigerians our veterans need to be treated better.

The story of veteran Nigerian actor Martins Njubuigbo is sad. After acting in hundreds of best selling Nigerian movies, the actor is currently suffering from liver failure.

This is not the sad part of the story. Njubuigbo is soliciting funds to treat his ailment. Fortunately an Abuja-based cleric Joshua Iginla, who celebrated his birthday last Sunday by giving out cars to people, has reportedly sorted out his medical bills.

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The popular clergyman is said to have come to the aid of the aged actor after one of his colleagues, Bruno Iwuoha who also narrowly survived same fate a few months ago told the man of God about his Njubuigbo’s condition.

Iginla reportedly wrote a cheque of one million Naira for him and also promised to look into his financial situation once he gets back on his feet. Thankfully a good Samaritan has donated to help the ailing actor.


Sadly there are many other veteran celebrities who are suffering from sickness and diseases who have no one to help them.

We know these men, Lari Williams, Olumide Bakare, Pa Kasumu, Prince James Uche are some of the actors who are struggling against life threatening diseases with no one to help them.

These actors’ sorrowful plight underlines the fact that Nigeria as a country does not place premium on the health care of its citizens. Till today there is no basic health care for Nigerian citizens. The plight of these actors is just a small percentage of Nigerians who are suffering without proper healthcare.


Nigeria is a country that does not celebrate its past heroes. There are lot of entertainers, singers and actors who have helped this nation but in their last days we have failed them. Nigerians have a short memory and when you are no longer in the limelight you are better off as dead.

Let’s leave the country for one minute. Even if the country has failed our veteran celebrities what happened to the respective bodies they belong to, the Actors Guild of Nigeria and the Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria.


It’s heartbreaking to see these men suffer like this. Something tangible must be done not only for them but for other celebrities that might fall victim to life threatening ailments.

I know the AGN has a scheme of sorts for its ill actors but it can be better and more organized. People who have given their all to make Nigerians laugh should not be allowed to die like orphans.

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