Getting Naughty: 5 things every couple MUST know before using sex toys

Sex toys

Sex toys definitely put the sizzle back in your sex life. Knowing how to introduce them and how to enjoy specific ones can make things so much hotter in the bedroom.

Sure, sex toys are great for spicing up your relationship and making sex even hotter, but a few thing should be considered before introducing them into your bedroom.

If, as a woman, you are looking to introduce such toys as vibrators into your bedroom, keep these in mind.

Good bedroom etiquette’s a must for successful sex toy play.


Have Some Manners

Think of his feelings – he might feel threatened by a vibrator. One study found a third of men wondered if vibrators made them redundant.

No they don’t! But such fears are real. Be tactful when ‘introducing’ a vibrator.

Shop together for something you’re both happy to try. Or agree to each choose a toy for double the pleasure and twice the fun trying them out.

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Don’t overstimulate

Research shows vibrating the same area for more than fifteen, twenty minutes max, can damage sensitive nerve endings.

Feels sensational vibrating your clitoral region? Just lay off of it after fifteen or so minutes.

Fun in the shower

Turn having a shower/bath together into something more explosive.

As the water cascades down your bodies, run a waterproof beauty up and down each other’s erogenous zones.


Toys and Technique

For those who want to get sex-perimental, sex toys take things to another level.

For instance, if interested in trying a little anal pleasure, begin with some of the smaller anal toys to help you relax.

Use your toy-of-choice with  lots of lubricant to give your partner those gentle sensations.

Let them guide you when they’re ready to build things up.

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Stay safe

Unless you know each other’s sexual histories, use separate sex toys.

Keep them in separate storage bags so you don’t get them mixed up. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for cleaning them and the lubes/oils you can use with them.

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