Singles Only: What some women prefer to do than fall in love

Single women ditch love for other things

If love is such a great feeling, why do some single women prefer to do something else rather than find love in others?

When did love become so scary or unachievable that some women would prefer doing something else than fall in love or even, find love? Does true love not exist?

Essence magazine took a survey on what single women really think about finding love and here are some of their responses below:

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Whitney Hall: “I’m more concerned about getting my time management skills in order with the help of my Passion Planner, rather than being asked by a guy do I want to “come through.”

Jiesha Perkins “God is using this season to catch up my character with my calling. I appreciate that I have this time to focus on my purpose.”

Debbie-Jean Lamonte: “It’s more rewarding when you’re on the quest of finding yourself and your self-worth. Taking the time be content and in-love with who you are prepares you for, and sometimes helps, with finding the right partner.”


Esperanza Gallong: “There’s no such thing as a boring day in my life. As a counselor I keep busy serving children and families. I help kids and families with big changes they experience and help them overcome family challenges and school struggles. The work is hard, but I stay focused on the assignment God has given me. I’m blessed to be able to impact a family’s future. I’m always on the move so Mr. Right will have to find me in the trenches!”

Jamia- Lewis: “More rewarding than finding love right now is getting to know the woman God created me to be. I’ve had the chance to grow closer to Him, heal from the pain of the past and pursue the passions He’s placed in my heart (traveling, speaking, acting, teaching, writing, etc.). I’m writing my first book right now and taking advantage of every opportunity presented to develop my gifts.”

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Kristina Patrice: “I have failed when pursuing love. Now, I am love. I believe we must truly exude what we hope to attract. I’m focused on being the best me, conquering my fears and building my mental stamina. That’s the greatest form of personal pursuit, self-love.”

Shagralia Gray: “I want to travel to the ends of the earth, find God and dwell there for a while, know every scar on my body and give them a story. I want love, eventually. So let’s just say I want more than a man can give right now.”

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