For Tenants: 10 interior issues to consider before paying! (PART 2)

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Find out what ten internal things to look out for in houses.

As the name of this article suggests, it has a prequel.

This first article, titled “10 exterior issues to consider before paying! (PART 1)“, I dealt with all the external things to look out for while house hunting.

In this one, I will discuss the issues to consider inside the properties.

Here are ten interior issues to consider before paying.

  1. Lightening: Make sure your rooms, parlour, kitchen, and so are well lit. You do not want to discover a missing bulb after moving in.

  2. Holes/ Openings: In order to avoid uninvited room mates, you have to check for openings in the bathroom, kitchen, windows, e.t.c.

  3. Sockets: These days, people have a lot of things to charge. Make sure you have enough sockets in your rooms, parlours, and wherever you need them.

  4. Drawers, cupboards and closets: Make sure you open all of these. Do not assume that they will satisfy your needs.

  5. Water: Always, turn on the taps to see how dirty or clean the water is. This is very important!

  6. Size: Make sure you are comfortable with the size of the kitchen, bathroom and other parts of the house.

  7. Natural Light: It is important that you have a fair amount of light streaming in.

  8. Colours

  9. Features/furniture

  10. Leakages.


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