Luxury Real Estate: 10 cool things about Adele's new mansion

Adele's $9.5million mansion

Adele has bought a new mansion, worth $9.5million.

Adele has bought a $9.5million mansion.


TMZ reports that the singer’s new property is located in Los Angeles.


Here are 10 cool things about this luxury mansion.

  1. It is very spacious, thanks to it’s 6,600 square foot measurement.

  2. Adele managed to buy it for $9.5m, instead of the originally listed $9.9million.

  3. Four bedrooms: One for her, her boyfriend and another for her son. That leaves an extra for guests.

  4. Six bathrooms.

  5. One pool.

  6. A treehouse

  7. An outdoor train set.

  8. A fireplace.

  9. It is in an exclusive gated community: This offers Adele all the privacy she needs.

  10. Cool neighbours: This include Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lawrence.


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