Luxury Real Estate: 15 insane luxury amenities in Drake's 21,000-square foot mansion

A blueprint of Drake's mansion

Drake has been given the greenlight to build an amazing 17-metre high mansion in an 11-metres area.

Drake is set to build a 17-metre high mansion in Canada.

According to the proposed designs by Ferris Rafauli, the Canadian rapper will have the following on his two-acre property.

  1. A 44-foot-by-94-foot basketball court and gym

  2. An indoor pool and a hot tub in front of a large TV projection screen

  3. A bar flanked by special chambers labelled “chilled champagne” and “chilled wine”

  4. A music and screening room

  5. A spa and massage room

  6. A room set just for “important artifacts”‎

  7. A jersey museum‎

  8. A grand foyer flanked by powder rooms‎

  9. A two-storey great room‎

  10. A library‎

  11. A piano room‎

  12. A room for Drake’s collection of awards‎

  13. A security suite‎

  14. A grand master bedroom with its own steam shower and two dressing rooms‎

  15. A 34-metre wide driveway‎


All of these will be in the lavish property, purchased for $6.7 million in September 2015.

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