Runtown: Singer addresses label breakup in new interview


In the interview conducted at the Pulse office, Runtown spoke about his troubled relationship with his record label boss, Prince Okwudili Umenyiora [aka Dilly], the C.E.O of Dilly Motors. 

Nigerian pop singer, in an interview with Pulse Nigeria has addressed the split between him and his record label EricMany Entertainment.

In the interview conducted at the Pulse office, Runtown spoke about his troubled relationship with his record label boss, Prince Okwudili Umenyiora [aka Dilly], the C.E.O of Dilly Motors. 

Speaking on the same day when a court injunction stopping Runtown from commercially benefiting from his brand was made public. The singer revealed that his relationship with his label was filled with contract breaches, emotional abuse, threats to life and disrespect.


Runtown said from the start, there has always been problems, but he has endured for two years. “We started running, we went for shows and everything, and when I requested for my 35%, problem. I never got any 35% on it. They would always say, ‘We are pushing, we need to put more stuff (money) to push. The thing went on until 2015, when I was working on my album”. revealed the singer.

In a tell-all revelation, he further explained the many times he has been deprived of his percentage, and how he has been funding his projects with little input from the label. He also revealed how his label boss pulled a gun on him, and threatened to kill him.


“In 2014, I went to London, and the label started calling me and saying that ‘Why didn’t I tell anyone before going to London?’ I didn’t go to London for shows or anything, I went there for vacation. When I got back, I went to Mr Dilly’s house, and he started ranting, and asking ‘Why did I travel?’ I told him that it’s just like travelling to Enugu to see my mum, that it’s just London, just like anywhere, that the contract does not state that I cannot have personal travels.

“The next thing, He (Dilly) pulled out a gun, and threatened me, and said he was going to f***k me up. I felt scared and confused. I didn’t go to London to do a show and they found out. I went there for my vacation. So the threats kept going on.” Runtown said. 

He also made claims that his label boss, Dilly, who is banned from entering the UK promised him a collaboration with Nicki Minaj, but refused to pay for the collaboration, instead he was hoodwinked into signing a contract extension. In the interview he also stated that the boss refused to pay the balance for his video with DJ Khaled.


“When I was about to drop the video, he called me out of the blues, that he was going to get Nicki Minaj on the album. I accepted, being that a Nicki Minaj will be good on the album. When we were in the US, he kept on calling and asking if we can get across to Minaj. He couldn’t come to the US himself because he is banned by the US Government to return to the country. He has fraud issues.

“He kept on calling about the Nicki Minaj people that he is ready to play. Then he brought a contract extension for another two years stating that if he pays for the Nicki Minaj deal, then he will need a 2-year extension to recoup his investment. I wasn’t around then, so the management handed the contract to a guy we worked with, and dropped it there. Neither I nor my manager, Aneto-Okeke Bugwu, were around. He called me on the phone threatening me that if I don’t extend the contract, he will kill me, and bury my career, and that he isn’t going to release my album.” Said Runtown.


Tired of his emotional abuse, lies and breach of contract, Runtown has terminated his deal with EricMany, giving them oral notice of termination, before making it legal three months after. “I want to terminate the contract, because they have been breaching it all these times, and I don’t want to go on with it again.” He said.

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