Sit n' Ride: 4 sex positions you can enjoy on a chair

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Why wait to go to the bedroom to get started and do the same-old sex positions every day? You can add some extra spice to your sex life by getting it on in a living room chair.

We are surrounded by things that can make our sex life even better so a couple looking to add that extra zing to their intimacy really has no excuse.

Get hot and get nasty by taking advantage of these four chair-sex positions.

1. The Face-Off


She sits on him with her legs apart to allow penetration. He can hold her back for support. He can start by kissing her on the nape and then sway back and forth to increase the thrust.

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2. Sitting-Reverse-Cowgirl move


He sits on the chair. She lowers herself to him but facing away from him. She moves in an up-and-down motion as he holds on to her, caressing her back, breasts and even reaching for her clitoris.

3. The Chair Thrill Sex Position


Amp up the pleasure and fun with this move. He sits on a couch. She straddles his laps with her legs splayed apart and her knees bent up against his chest. She slowly leans back so she is almost upside down with her arms stretched behind her to support her weight and maintain her balance. She thrusts back and forth against him, opening and closing her legs.

4. The Knee-Sit Move

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This time, she gets to do the sitting. She sits on a chair or sofa and scoots forward so she is sitting fairly close to the edge. He kneels in front of her between her legs and slowly slides into her. Now he can grab her thighs and she can pull him onto her by his waist or bum. Things can get very fast and furious very quickly.

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