Social Media Management: 4 ways to keep customers using Social Media


Businesses are increasingly using social media and digital marketing to connect with potential customers. But with social media becoming more integrated into our everyday lives, using it to retain your existing customers is also an important practice.

Engaged and happy customers are great assets – they typically become repeat customers and will also help spread the good word about your business, which is particularly relevant given the increased connectivity of the social era.

So how can you use social media to retain customers? Here a few tips:

1. Personal and Genuine Interactions

Most business tend to believe that interacting with their customers online is quite different from a physical meeting; the point is this: Communication is still communication. People respond positively when you communicate with them in a way that makes them feel appreciated and valued.

2.  Keeping in Touch

Follow and interact with current and former customers. Always bear in mind that interactions go in 2 ways- Customers who reach out to you and vice-versa.

Social media platforms are increasingly focused on interactions. Just because a prospect liked your content or followed you does not mean that they will be exposed to your business within a month or two so the best option is to this is to keep in touch with them using social media.

3. Ask for Feedback

Learn to ask your customers for feedback. Feedback whether positive or negative is a reflection of the buyer or customer experience and these will give you a better insight on how you can make the needed improvements and drive innovations.

At RDM we offer all these and more in managing the Social media pages of all our customers. We consider ourselves to be an extension of their marketing departments and so interactions on social media are a great source of information for our clients which in turn help them build their products to meet the need and specification of their target market.

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Written by Leslie Akraka

This is a feature by RDM.

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