Stand And Deliver: 5 ways to enjoy the Standing Sex positions

Standing sex position

The standing sex positions are a super fun way to mix things up in the bedroom or have sex in rooms you might not normally have sex in. It can be a little tricky, but it&;s totally worth it.

Standing sex positions are hot for many reasons. They are great for quickies, you can get it on anywhere since it is so versatile and you do not need a lot of space. There is also something steamy about it that makes you feel naughty, daring and strong.

Here are 5 simple ways to enjoy the move.

Start simple


If you would like to ease into this move, start with only one partner doing the standing. It helps you get used to the feeling and prepare you so you understand the kinds of sensations to expect.

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Lean on something


A lot of women feel more comfortable if they have a little support. Use a wall, lean against a table, a couch — whatever you can to give yourself some support.

Go three-legged


Three-legged Dog is a way more advanced sex position, but when you’re ready, it can be really fun. Facing each other, but with one of your legs hiked up and resting on your partner’s for support, you’ll have to really grip onto each other, making it an intimate and exciting position.

Get props


If your heights don’t match up, they just don’t and you can’t force it. Don’t be scared to stand on books, a couch, or kneel on a chair — anything that will give you that extra couple of inches.

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From behind


While some positions like the Three-legged ones are face-to-face, standing up can be a lot easier from behind. You can really brace yourself that way. It all depends on your heights, so don’t be scared to try it a few different ways and do what works for you.

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